Rizqi Amalia
Here we go.
We're in the last chapter of this Life's Great book.
Apparently, it's not as great as the title.

We broke up, for the million billion times.
It's not him, it's me. As you all know, I'm the bitch.
It's not because I'm cheating on him. No, I would never do that to him.
I love him. So much. But, love is not enough to build a good, strong relationship.

Yeah, after 5 years, I should have known that before.
But back then, I was too busy.
I was busy drawing up perfect plans for our future. Busy trying to be a perfect girlfriend.
You see how stupid I am.
I was busy to portray the future while he hungers for my time now.
It's not what he needs. He just needs me. A regular-simple-not perfect me, to always be there every single time in his life.
Oh well, stupid me.

Surely I would do something smarter, if only I could turn back time.
Something that makes him falling in love with me for the first time. 
Something that I don't have to try as best to be it.
I just need to be me. The old me.

We can't just fix everything by saying I love you.
We can't just fix everything by saying I'm sorry. 
Sometimes you just have to set your ego aside.
And remember that the love that you have for that person is way more important than winning.

But it’s too late, don’t you think?

Yes. It is.

The End.
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